Remittance Data Extraction

Lockbox and Remittance Data Extraction with AI

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Emagia Staff

Lockbox and remittance data extraction with AI can save time, effort and costs while enhancing customer service and improving accuracy levels.

The commercial emergence of technologies Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Document Data Capture Assistants, and Frictionless Digital Payments, has made it possible to automate up to 90% of the manual operations in Cash Application. This technology is operational now – it is not a “System of the Future” concept.

Cash Application has long depended on Cash Application staff—both in-house and bank lockbox employees—to read and create a file of all the remittance advice provided by customers with their payments. This file is the input for automatically applying cash and generating the resulting productivity improvements from auto-cash.

However, the process of extracting remit advice data can be expensive, whether it is performed by in-house staff of your bank’s lockbox service team. Creation of the file by your lockbox is priced per keystroke. The cost of performing this task with in-house staff is usually equal to or higher than a bank lockbox. For companies that have high customer counts and payment volumes, the costs can be very high, especially if the customer payments contain a large volume of small value payments. While incurring a small data input cost for handling a $150,000 payment sounds reasonable, it’s expensive to incur the same charges for a $220 payment of many small invoices. The cost adds up.

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AI-driven Document Data Capture Assistants can extract payment and remit information accurately from a wide range of formats and sources: EDI transmissions, hard copy remit advices, vendor portals, Customer Care/EIPP portals, and from the new digital payment methods (Stripe, PayPal, Square, etc.). The remit data is input to a file which is then fed into the auto-cash engine. The Digital Assistants reduce labor cost to very low levels, whether in-house or with lockbox fees.

AI Digital Assistants can apply cash with “hit rates” above 90%, as well as create deductions. Overall, they can perform 70 to 90% of the manual operations in Cash Application, producing exponential productivity.

This can all be accomplished in the most complex environment faced by many global Shared Service Operations: multiple languages, currencies, bank accounts, and ERPs.

A high tech industry Emagia client deals with a very complex Cash Application environment: 58 business units, 44 countries, six languages, 170 banks. The results of implementing AI driven extraction of remittance data include:

  • Increase of auto-cash hit rate from 10% to 80% in Australia
  • Increase of auto-cash hit rate from 70% to 95% in France – a substantial improvement in an adequately performing operation

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Key benefits of extracting lockbox and remittance data with AI, include:

  • Automate data extraction with 90% and above accuracy levels
  • Improve remittance process efficiency and reduce lockbox fees
  • Achieve 90% and above straight through processing
  • Enhance customer service and improve accuracy levels
  • Assimilate new business units into a Shared Services Organization

Clearly, the benefits of AI powered Remittance Data Extraction are an opportunity that deserves serious consideration.

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