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Company Overview

Enterprise Order-To-Cash Management (OTC) Solutions

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About Emagia Corporation

Emagia Corporation is a leading provider of Enterprise Order-to-Cash Management (OTC) solutions. For over a decade, Emagia has been delivering highly innovative technology solutions to transform, automate and optimize receivables, credit and collections processes for maximizing cash flow. Emagia Receivables Management Suite includes Credit Management, Collections Management, Deductions Management and Customer Financials Portal. Emagia Receivables Analytics solutions provide enterprise-class pre-packaged business intelligence dashboards, visualizations, analysis and forecasting capabilities for managing the credit-to-cash cycle. Emagia has served as the primary technology platform for several credit and collections departments as well as for F&A shared service centers. Several companies across the world achieved significant and sustainable improvements to their DSOs, credit risk, cash flow and profitability with Emagia Solutions.

Transforming the Order-To-Cash cycle

Emagia is in the business of helping customers consolidate Order-to-Cash information on a single platform and enhance control on daily operations pertaining to all aspects of receivables management. Customers choose Emagia to:

  • Consolidate receivables portfolio across multiple geographies, multiple financial systems and multiple business units and gain better visibility

  • Automate and optimize processes for credit, collections, deductions, cash applications and payment processing

  • Monitor key performance metrics on customer AR, payments and credit risk exposures

  • Use daily dashboards for performance trends and leverage intelligence from business analytics to manage day-to-day operations efficiently

Unlocking Working Capital

Focused on unlocking cash from Order-to-Cash cycles, Emagia has served as the primary technology platform for several credit and collections departments. F&A shared service centers use Emagia to streamline the order-to-cash processes as well as to gain control on cash conversion efficiency.

Our customers have gained significant improvement in receivables and operational efficiency. Examples of customer gains include:

  • 20%-25% reduction in days sales outstanding

  • 30-60% of reduction in bad debt expense

  • Reduced risk in the accounts receivable portfolio

  • Reduced operational expenses

  • Improved cash forecasting accuracy

  • Increased shareholder value

Deployed in two models—as a cloud model and as an on-premise solution—Emagia offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to customers worldwide. Our solutions have the track record of delivering rapid return on investment and long-term financial returns for our customers.