Emagia’s AI-powered Collections Automation solution empowers collectors and accounts receivable (AR) specialists to maximize cash conversion efficiency. This cloud-based solution is equipped with the necessary tools and configurable collection strategies to improve collections management.

Why Automate Collections Management?

For years, the accounts receivable (AR) function suffered from a lack of digital transformation and relied heavily on legacy systems and manual processes for collection activities. While major accounts continued to receive the attention they required, medium and small accounts often remained neglected, paving the way for the growth of bad debts. As a result, AR became inefficient with no visibility into the global receivables portfolio, inadequate invoice distribution, difficult collections forecasting, no automatic account prioritization, and no escalation matrix.

Emagia Advantage in Collections Automation

Emagia’s AI-powered collections automation solution comes with smart tools and best-in-class collection policies. The module prioritizes work lists, boosts collection process with AI-powered digital assistants, resolves disputes with smart dispute handling, and enables touchless automaton for collections.

Emagia’s Collections Automation software provides configurable collection strategies for collection managers to build and implement specific strategies and procedures for their departments. The high efficiency collector workbench provides all account information—invoices, sales, shipping, payments, available credit etc.—at a single click. The module even prioritizes task lists with strategy-driven recommendations.

Solution Highlights

Digital Invoicing and Payments

Digital Invoicing and Payments

Shift from EIPP to DIPP and bots assisting posting of the invoices to customer portals

Strategy Automation

Predictive Collections and Strategy Automation

Data-driven personalization in collections strategy and correspondence

Digital Finance Assistant

AI-Powered Digital Assistant

Boosting collection process with direct customer reach to enable payments

Smart Dispute Resolution

Smart Dispute Resolution

Resolving disputes quickly to increase transparency and gain customer trust

Task List

Task List Prioritization

Account prioritization with strategy-driven task lists, collection notes

Third Party Integrations

AR Portfolio Alerts and Third Party Integrations

Credit Risk Monitor, NCS – Liens and Bonds, Bankruptcy Monitoring


Boost Your AR Efficiency with AI-driven Cloud Collections

Touchless Collections

Gather data from a variety of sources including external feeds, customer activities, collection executives and automate follow-ups

Intelligent Task Lists

Optimize cash flow by automatically generating task lists and accomplished tasks. Leverage smart data to empower collection executives to improve collections efficiency.

Dispute Management

Streamline dispute management with easy-to-track built-in tools that provide a 360-degree view of the root causes, status, escalation, and resolution.

Automated Dunning

Minimize the number of manual touches and frees up resources for higher-value tasks by automating communication to customers.

Rules-driven Collection

Treat each customer unique with configurable strategies that enable collection managers to build and implement customer-specific collection strategies.

Promise-to-Pay (P2P) Tracking

Utilize real-time workbench to track and close promise-to-pay commitments as soon as the remittance information is reflected in the ERP system.

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Cash Application

Cash Application

Gathers data on all payments and remittance information from various sources and accelerates cash posting directly into the ERP.

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Enterprise Receivables Management System

Credit Risk Management

Automates the credit management process with digital applications & approvals, helps onboard customers faster.

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Provides a single view across multiple business entities including AR amounts, DSO, credit utilization, disputes, payment behavior.

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Streamlines and automates dispute resolution processes globally across the entire organization by setting up reason codes and workflows.

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Customer EIPP Portal

Customer EIPP Portal

Empowers customers with 24×7 access to their invoices & accounts bills, sends alerts on upcoming payments, and resolves disputes.

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Gia Docs

Gia Docs: Intelligent Document Processing

Reads finance documents and extracts information using intelligent document processing service.

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