Emagia AI-driven Order-to-Cash Analytics solution comes with enterprise-class business intelligence, dashboards, visualizations, analysis, and forecasting capabilities to support data-driven decision-making to manage the order-to-cash cycle. This modern, intuitive business intelligence solution provides comprehensive reporting and analytical capabilities for efficient accounts receivable (AR) management.

Why consider Order-to-Cash Analytics?

Cash flow is the life blood of any organization. Lack of timely information and insight into risk and receivables can constrain cash flow and working capital, impacting the financial health of the organization. Financial executives and shared services managers can leverage business intelligence with minimal dependence on technology to gain a competitive advantage. Intelligent, AI-powered order-to-cash analytics (O2C analytics) redefine the way enterprises manage their AR operations.

Emagia Edge in Order-to-Cash Analytics

Emagia’s AI-powered advanced Order-to-Cash Automation Software solution is a pre-packaged business intelligence solution that manages the complete Credit-to-Cash cycle with smart and timely data-driven decisions. Featuring sophisticated visualizations, historical trends and smart analytics, the solution delivers key performance metrics (KPIs) across the entire O2C cycle to lower DSO, minimize credit risk, improve cash flow, and increase the overall efficiency of the organization.

Data-driven Insights for Intelligent Decision-making

Emagia’s O2C analytics solution brings the power of business intelligence with user-friendly self-service visualizations and offers prepackaged integration with leading financial systems. Designed for real-time decision-making, the solution empowers accounts receivables departments, credit departments and shared service centers with data-driven insights by providing powerful insights into credit, receivables, collections, deductions, and cash flow. Emagia’s Order-to-Cash accelerator comes with prebuilt adapters to seamlessly integrate with ERP systems such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, SAP, NetSuite and others.

order to cash process flow diagram. order to cash process automation | order-to-cash automation | order-to-cash software| Emagia’s Order-to-Cash accelerator comes with prebuilt adapters to seamlessly integrate with ERP systems

Solution Highlights

The Emagia AI-driven Order-to-Cash Analytics solution features a pre-packaged business intelligence solution that includes:

Digital Mobile Responsive Credit Applications

The Emagia Business Intelligence Platform

Collects information from financial systems, organizes it into single metadata format for business intelligence analysis and visualization.

Prepackaged RPA Verification Bots

Enterprise Adapters

Enable easy and rapid integration of data flows into the Emagia Business Intelligence Platform.

Integrated Credit Bureaus Reports

Pre-packaged Dashboards

Monitor and measure all aspects of credit, receivables, collections, deductions, and cash flow with more than 50 dashboards.

Credit Scoring and Auto Decisions Engine

Pre-configured Reports

Cover all aspects of current accounting period performance, historical trends, and predictive analysis of future trends.

Credit Scoring and Auto Decisions Engine

Intuitive and Sophisticated Visualizations

Feature colorful graphs, charts and maps for easy understanding of critical insights.

Credit Scoring and Auto Decisions Engine

Powerful Analytical Tools

Simplify data and trends across multiple dimensions such as subsidiaries, regions, product lines, accounting periods etc.

Credit Scoring and Auto Decisions Engine

Advanced Predictive Analytics

Forecast cash flow, collector performance, days sales outstanding (DSO), and other key metrics using sophisticated statistical models.


Comes with pre-built enterprise integration adapters for

Order to Cash Process Automation Key Benefits

Using Emagia AI-driven Order-to-Cash Analytics, enterprises can:

  • Make intelligent decisions to improve risk management, credit and collections policies, cash flow forecasting
  • Take timely action on key factors driving credit risk, cash flow, and days sales outstanding across units, locations, customers, products, and distribution channels
  • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) by identifying slow-paying customers and taking timely corrective actions
  • Reduce bad debt write-offs by understanding the root cause for disputes and deductions, and making timely operational improvements
  • Improve cash flow with daily work lists and monitoring
  • Increase collector efficiency by identifying problems in the portfolio and applying appropriate strategies to improve
  • Improve shared services SLAs by understanding operational & workload issues, and making timely changes proactively
  • Forecast cash flows accurately with a better understanding of the factors affecting it

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