On-Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinars

Emagia On-Demand Webinars

The Journey to Smarter Accounts Receivable Management with AI

Hyper Automation Of AR Process With Digital Tools

Digital Assistants: The New Normal to Boost Order-to-Cash Operations

World-class Digital Order-To-Cash: Transforming Accounts Receivables For the New Normal

Fundamentals of New Generation Digital Order-to-Cash Solutions: Things you need to know

Digital Order-to-Cash: Innovation for the New Normal and Beyond

Enterprise Digital Assistants: How they can support you in your Credit, Collections and Cash Application Operations

Global Order-to-Cash: Learn how digital transformation changes your 3Ws – Work, Workforce and Working Capital Cycle

Digital Order-to-Cash: A Roadmap to Cash Application Automation (Part 3 – Happy Customers, Happy Shareholders)

Digital Order-to-Cash: A Roadmap to Collections Automation (Part 2 – Keeping the Customer and Maximizing Cash Flow)

Digital Order-to-Cash: A Roadmap to Credit Automation (Part 1: On-boarding the Customer)

Digital Order-to-Cash: Maximizing the cash flow during COVID-19 and beyond

Digital Receivables: Keeping the Customer and Maximizing Cash Flow

Digital Credit: Onboarding the Customer

The 3 A’s You Need for the Future of OTC – Automation, Analytics and AI

Roadmap to the Future: Order-To-Cash for the Next Decade

Data-driven Finance For Your Accounts Receivables Operations

Go Digital in Your Credit Department

Optimizing your Order-to-Cash Operations to Enhance Working Capital

Data-Driven Finance for Achieving Excellence in Order-to-Cash Operations

Finance Transformation: Journey to the New Digital Era

Finance Transformation: A Focus on Order-to-Cash

Finance Transformation Blueprint for AR Shared Services

Improving Order-to-Cash Efficiency Using Emagia Analytics

Automating the Credit Process To Transform to an Electronic Credit Department

Improve Cash Flow with the Solix Big Data Suite and Emagia

Gaining Control on Global Credit And Collections with Dashboards and Analytics

Emagia Order-To-Cash Analytics OBIEE Solution

Receivables Analytics: What is it and Why is it so important

Gaining Control on Cash Forecasting Using Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics: A Smarter Way to Boost Your Cash Flow

10 Reasons to Embrace Receivables Analytics

Emagia Analytics for Oracle Financials

Emagia Cash Application