Emagia’s AI-driven Cash Flow Forecasting solution empowers businesses with intelligent insights that help anticipate cash inflows (such as accounts receivables, royalties, financing) and outflows (disbursements such as payroll, payables, capital investments, debt reduction) with unparalleled accuracy to determine how much cash you’ll need at any point.

Why Consider Digital Cash Flow Forecasting?

Cash flow forecasting or cash flow prediction is a critical business process that enables organizations improve liquidity management, short-term investment and borrowing decisions. Corporate financial executives often rely on divisional forecasts, commonly presented in separate spreadsheets, to manually arrive at a finalized forecast. This is an extremely time-consuming task prone to errors and deviations. The accuracy and efficiency of cash flow forecasts can be greatly improved using technological advancements such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Emagia Advantage in Cash Flow Forecasting

Emagia’s AI-driven Cash Flow Forecasting solution accelerates forecasting by analyzing huge volumes of data, enabling accurate forecasts as frequently as needed while reducing the manual efforts by over 90%. At a time when predicting cash flow is gaining more prominence in the wake of staff reduction, delayed payments and increased borrowing, Emagia’s solution simplifies the arduous task of forecasting by telling you how much cash your business is going to generate and how much you need, with intelligent analytics.

Configurable Rolling Window Forecasting

Emagia Cash Flow Forecasting creates a flexible rolling window of short-term forecasts on cash inflows from receivables with details views at divisional, transactional, and user portfolio levels. This feature incorporates future, real-time and historical data trends to arrive at actual and forecast values. This insight helps finance executives further refine their forecast models to arrive at a more accurate picture of actual business conditions.

Cash Forecasting Software Solution Highlights

Digital Mobile Responsive Credit Applications

Consolidated Cash Flows

Across all ERPs, web and Excel interfaces

Prepackaged RPA Verification Bots

Predictive Modeling

Multi-dimensional forecasting on receivables and payment trends

Integrated Credit Bureaus Reports

Analysis & Simulation

Real-time “what-if scenarios” with rolling forecast windows

Credit Scoring and Auto Decisions Engine

Performance indicators and Enablers

Monitor the cash flow on a periodic basis and track / set targets for the Collections teams.

Credit Scoring and Auto Decisions Engine

Tracking & Simulation

Tracking Forecast vs Actual to improve accuracy


Cash Forecasting Solution Key Benefits

Using Emagia’s AI-powered Cash Flow Forecasting, businesses can:

  • Consolidate receivables and payables globally
  • Leverage powerful simulation and predictive analytics for more accuracy
  • Set goals at different business units and customer segments on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Track performance with detailed dashboards and analytics
  • Improve predictability around cash flow processes
  • Make accurate cash forecasts for optimal performance
  • Reduce DSO and maintain fiscal discipline

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