Emagia’s Credit Risk Management Solutions Software helps businesses take charge of their credit by providing a deeper insight to understand customers’ payment behavior, increasing healthy revenues and minimizing the accounts receivable (AR) risk. The AI-powered solution provides a 360-degree view of customers and their credit risk information in real-time.

ChatGPT for Credit Professionals
The Future of Business Credit Risk Management – A 2024 Survey

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Accelerate B2B Credit Decisions with AI

  • Go paperless with digital credit applications
  • Make real-time credit decisions
  • Onboard customers 5x faster
  • Drive customer engagement 24×7
  • Auto-release orders in real-time
  • 100% credit risk portfolio monitoring 24x7x365
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Boost Your Revenue with AI-Powered Digital Credit.

Transform to Frictionless Digital Credit Ops Just in Weeks

Digital Mobile Responsive

Digital Mobile Responsive Credit Applications

Mobile self-service forms with digital signatures and digital reference checks

Verification Bots

Prepackaged RPA Verification Bots

Hyper-efficiency with business validation, license verifications, resale tax certificates

Integrated Credit Bureaus Reports

Integrated Global Credit Bureaus Reports

DnB, Experian, CreditSafe, Credit Risk Monitor, NACM, ICTF

Credit Scoring

Credit Scoring and Auto Decisions Engine

Highly configurable scoring model and risk-based decisions

Customer Reviews

New and Existing Customer Credit Reviews

New customer credit review, periodic credit review for existing customers, ad hoc reviews on demand for dynamic evaluation

Auto Order Hold

Auto Order Hold / Release in Real-time

Faster order hold and release using algorithmic decision making based on configurable rules.



Automate approval workflows

Digital Finance Assistant for Credit

Digital Finance Assistant for Credit

Customer facing and credit rep support 24X7

Minimize Your Credit Risk with Real-time Credit Automation


Digital Credit Risk Management Made Easy For Global Enterprises

Credit risk management plays a vital role in the health of an organization. As businesses expand, organizations reel under the pressure of making quicker and better credit decisions. The conventional credit review process is complicated and slow, often requiring multiple exchanges with external systems, excel formulas/macros, and interactions with multiple stakeholders for approvals. This process can result in unnecessary and costly delays.

To overcome these process delays and enable businesses to make timely and accurate credit decisions, businesses are increasingly moving towards intelligent credit management tools that quickly ingest data from external sources such as credit agencies and information bureaus to help credit managers build a complete picture of the customer before determining the credit terms and processing credit.

Digital Credit Risk Management Made Easy For Global Enterprises

credit riskk management and automation process diagram

Emagia Credit Management Software Overview

Experience the Emagia Advantage in Your Credit Operations

Emagia’s AI-powered Credit Risk Automation solution delivers actionable insights and empowers businesses with smarter data. Using the latest bureau data and information from peers with customers-in-common, Emagia employs analytics and AI-powered credit predictions to help businesses make credit decisions faster, easier, and in the best interest of your business.

This cloud-based solution integrates seamlessly with leading ERP and other enterprise systems, creating a single workbench for all the company’s credit departments to process any credit related task.

Whether the challenge is reviewing the credit profile of customers, minimizing bad debts, reducing the customer on-boarding time, quicker order processing, continuous analysis of your business risk, or automating credit decisions – you can achieve all this and more with Emagia AI-powered B2B Credit Automation.

Learn how American Heart Association Automated Credit Processing.

Integrated with Leading
Credit Bureaus

Integrated with Leading Credit Bureaus: Credit risk management software

Digital Credit Applications Made Easy

Go paper-less in minutes. Reduce time and costs associated with processing trade credit.
Set up digital credit applications and onboard your customers faster.

Digital World-class Leaders Use Emagia Credit Risk Management

Case study

Cali Bamboo Boosts Digital Credit Decisions with Emagia

See how a green building materials company automated the tedious task of manual credit management, and accelerated customer onboarding using the Emagia credit application solution.

Case study

Digital Credit Transformation for American Heart Association

See how Emagia empowered one of the world’s largest voluntary organizations accelerate customer credit approvals and onboarding time, while reducing manual efforts in credit processing.

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Can Transform Order-to-Cash Operations with Emagia

Cash Application

Cash Application

Gathers data on all payments and remittance information from various sources and accelerates cash posting directly into the ERP.

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Provides a single view across multiple business entities including AR amounts, DSO, credit utilization, disputes and payment behavior.

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Provides the necessary tools and actionable insights collectors need to maximize their cash conversion efficiency.

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Streamlines and automates dispute resolution processes globally across the entire organization by setting up reason codes and workflows.

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Customer EIPP Portal

Customer EIPP Portal

Empowers customers with 24×7 access to their invoices and statements, sends alerts on upcoming payments, and helps resolve disputes sooner.

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Gia Docs

Gia Docs: Intelligent Document Processing

Reads finance documents and extracts information using intelligent document processing service.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Credit risk management system involves using a proactive process to identify credit risks, evaluate the scope for loss while extending credit. Credit risk management plays an important role in the health of an organization. With more than 90% of the businesses transacting on credit, late payments and defaults can restrict cash flow and increase bad debts.

A credit management system helps assess the creditworthiness of new and potential customers to grant credit, set the terms on which the credit is granted to ensure a good cash flow and improve revenue. As businesses expand, organizations reel under the pressure of making faster and better credit decisions. A good credit management services helps businesses take charge of their credit with timely, accurate predictions.

Faster credit decisions lead to quicker customer onboarding, increased revenue and minimized credit risk. Business credit risk management involves multiple exchanges with multiple stakeholders such as credit bureaus, and credit risk agencies. If done manually, this takes substantial time and effort. AI-powered business credit risk management can accelerate credit decisions, increase healthy revenues and profitability.

Today as most businesses reel under increased credit risk and bad debt loss, smarter business credit risk management is gaining more prominence. Amidst the rising inflation, increased volatility, and the challenging economic times, business credit risk management has become a topmost priority for most companies.

Credit Management software evaluates the Credit risk of either a potential new customer or an existing customer. Based on the Credit risk evaluated, the customer is provided a Credit limit.
Emagia credit management solution does credit evaluation for customers based on a scoring model within Emagia. The scoring model typically generates a score in the range of 1-10, 1 being the High Risk and 10 being Low Risk in terms of Credit.
Credit Limit evaluation results in the generation of the score. Based on the score, Customer is segmented into Low, Medium and High Risk. This segmentation can be used to setup a reference Credit Limit for any customer – new or existing.
Emagia Credit management company evolved a tool that has pre-built integrations with leading Credit Providers such as DnB, Experian, Creditsafe, NACM, etc. Parameters from one or more of these agencies can be used for the Credit evaluation. Similarly data elements from Customer financials can be part of the Credit Evaluation process. All internal attributes of the Customer—such as past payment behavior, DSO, Past Due balances etc.—can also be used for Credit Evaluation.
Typically Credit Check Status = Credit Limit for account – (Invoiced open amount + Total Net Value of the current order + Total Net Value of all not invoiced orders). The orders which pass the Credit check are automatically released and others pushed to “Hold” status for the release process.
As the Credit evaluation process is completed, the updates of the Credit Parameters such as Credit Limit, Credit Hold status, Reason code, Risk Score etc., will be done by the Emagia credit automation software in the Customer Master ERP or MDM systems as appropriate.
Credit evaluation or credit risk evaluation can take place at different times based on need. Typically when a new customer is onboarded, Credit evaluation is done. Similarly for existing customers, there is a periodic evaluation that is done based on the industry and organizational polices on credit evaluation. There can be dynamic factors such as unnatural events such as a pandemic, natural disasters or a company going bankrupt – which might lead to Credit Evaluation in an ad-hoc situation.

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