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Gia Docs AI aggregates, extracts, and converts invoice and remittance data from complex document formats. The solution eliminates manual data extraction and data entry from document processing to drive hyper efficiency. Built on deep learning neural networks technology that mimics the human brain, Gia Docs AI can read any format of remittances, checks, invoices and other documents.

Why Consider Cognitive Data Capture?

Document processing in global finance and treasury is very complicated because of the many formats, languages and document types coming from multiple external sources including customers, banks, logistics providers and other financial supply chain partners. Data extraction from invoices, checks, remittances, lockbox files, bank statements and related documents is not only cumbersome but also very costly for global finance organizations.

Cognitive data capture replaces the time-consuming manual and costly templatized RPA bot-based extraction methods with self-learning data capture capabilities that mimic the way humans read documents, invoices, PDFs, e-mails etc., to understand and extract data from them.

The Future with Zero Manual Data Extraction
Digital Data Capture Assistant that can Read

Emagia Advantage in Cognitive Data Capture

Emagia’s digital finance assistant Gia is integrated with self-learning and document reading capabilities. It can read finance documents and extract information using a next-generation cognitive data capture service, Gia Docs AI from Emagia.

Businesses can empower their finance operations with Gia Docs AI, Emagia’s document data capture service, to automate tedious document data processing and achieve digital transformation in the order-to-cash operations for operational efficiency, improved profitability, and enhanced customer experiences.

Reads and Learns like a Human

Gia Docs AI is built on next generation deep learning technologies using neural networks that can learn new formats, new document types and new languages. Extracted data can be verified and corrected with our human verification screen enabling Gia Docs AI to learn every time.

Gia Docs AI works with documents in Receivables, Payables and Treasury. Simply ask Gia to extract data from invoices, remittances, cheques, bank statements, lockbox files and Gia will present neatly extracted data files. Gia Docs AI has the intelligence to read, continuously self-learn and process data coming from a variety of sources and formats.

Reads and Learns like a Human

Go Digital with Emagia Cash Application

Gia Docs AI is embedded in Emagia enterprise receivables management system. Emagia Cash Application module auto captures global payments, remittances and lockbox data by over 90%. Leverage Gia for remittance requests from your customers to boost accuracy and operational efficiency.

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Solution Highlights

Digital Mobile Responsive Credit Applications

Cognitive Data Capture

Captures data from financial documents through various channels to increase automation in O2C process

Prepackaged RPA Verification Bots

Cognitive Data Extraction

Recognizes image files, identifies, categorizes and extracts information from unstructured data to create real-time insights

Integrated Credit Bureaus Reports

Cognitive Conversational AI

Continuously learns new languages, new document types, and new languages

Credit Scoring and Auto Decisions Engine

Deep Learning Neutral Networks

Built on a technology that mimics the human brain


Available with APIs

Facilitates effortless integration with proprietary and third-party systems

Digital Data Capture Assistant that can Read

Key Benefits

  • Powerful AI engine that learns continuously while supporting various document types
  • Seamlessly reads and interprets remittance advices, invoices, lockbox images, checks, bank statements etc.
  • Improves remittance processing efficiency
  • Reduces human error with automated processes
  • Transforms unstructured data into actionable business insights
  • Exponentially increases employee productivity and morale
  • Frees up resources for higher-value tasks
  • Reduces lockbox fees, accounts receivable and accounts payable costs

Available with APIs

Gia Docs AI APIs allows you to transform unstructured data into structured formats and send it through APIs for further processing in your enterprise applications. Adding Gia Docs AI to your business processes is simple and easy.

GiaDocs For SAP Finance
GiaDocs For Oracle Finance
GiaDocs For PeopleSoft Finance
GiaDocs For JDEdwards Finance
GiaDocs For BaaN Finance
GiaDocs For qad Finance
GiaDocs For Salesforce Finance
GiaDocs For NetSuite Finance
GiaDocs For Sage Finance
GiaDocs For Microsoft Dynamics Finance
GiaDocs For Ifor Finance

Experience 10x Faster Document Processing with Gia Docs AI


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cognitive Data Capture is a new way of intelligently processing any type of document by mimicking human capabilities. Cognitive data capture involves recognizing, processing, storing, and retrieving information.

Cognitive data capture uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to look for patterns, words and phrases that provide the context. These technologies give it human-like cognitive skills, allowing it to read, learn, understand, and process data from documents.

Cognitive data capture takes document data processing to new levels by replacing the tedious manual data extraction and costly templatized RPA bot-based extraction methods with self-learning data capture capabilities that mimic the human brain.

Gia Docs AI is an advanced cognitive data capture tool that is purpose-built to seamlessly extract, understand and utilize critical data insights from a variety of finance documents including invoices, remittances, cheques, bank statements, lockbox files and other documents.

Gia Docs AI engine recognizes image files, identifies, categorizes and extracts information from unstructured data resulting in accurate real-time insights that enable effective decision-making.

Gia Docs AI is a cloud-based SaaS application which comes with AI as a Service model.

Gia Docs AI supports PDFs, scanned documents to read and extract information from invoices, remittances, checks, bank statements, ACH, email body, and lock-box files into neatly extracted data files in CSV formats.

A typical RPA data capture involves rule-based matching of purchases orders, invoices, remittances etc., and cannot process unstructured documents. It can process only template-based extraction and cannot handle exceptions.

Gia Docs AI can process both structured and unstructured formats. With the Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies, it can also handle exceptions.

The Gia Docs AI API can be used by IT developers to integrate document data capture skills into their document management, finance and treasury management systems such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Edwards, MS Dynamics, NetSuite, Workday, Salesforce, and IT2.

Gia Docs is a multi-tenant cloud solution. The solution can be accessed from anywhere using the browser. The connection is established through secured channel SSL.

As of now, Gia Docs AI supports document processing across 15 different languages including English, French, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Gia Docs AI is priced based on your requirement. For more information about your requirements and pricing, please write to us at

As this is a cloud solution on AWS, all security policies of AWS are applicable. The solution can be accessed through secured channel with proper authentication only.

ALL. Automating the extraction process of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivables is very important for any organization, irrespective of the industry. Gia Docs AI can be implemented across all the industries to increase automation in the order-to-cash process and gain operational efficiency.

As this is a SaaS-based cloud application, it is readily available and takes less than a day to implement.

We provide API documentation facility that facilitates smooth integration with most of the businesses. To know more about our integration services, please write to us at

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