ISG Names Emagia a “Rising Star” Based on Automation, GenAI Strength

Emagia is honored to be recognized a Rising Star in Invoice to Cash in the ISG Provider Lens report for 2024. See excerpts from the report below.


“Emagia, a Rising Star, offers a blend of AI and GenAI through its automation solution, GiaGPT. The solution helps streamline I2C processes and enhance efficiency, accuracy and strategic decision-making. It targets a high autonomy level, with real-time autonomous vs. manual task tracking.”ISG Provider Lens™

Integrated Invoice-To-Cash Applications

Improving I2C efficiency with AI and automation

Emagia leverages AI and automation to revolutionize the I2C process, optimizing efficiency, accuracy and decisionmaking. Through innovative technologies, Emagia automates accounts receivable processes, enhances cash flow forecasting and minimizes credit risk, transforming finance operations into smarter, digital workflows. The company’s goal is to enable 90 percent of all activities on its platform to be autonomous. Clients can track the percentage of autonomous vs. manual activities in real time on its platform. This strategic use significantly improves operational efficiency and financial outcomes, reducing manual effort and accelerating payment collections, positioning Emagia as a Rising Star in financial process automation.

GenAI capabilities

Emagia stands out as one of the very few providers that have integrated GenAI capabilities into its solutions, including GiaGPT, its digital assistant. This integration enables effective financial management by providing leaders with rapid, personalized analysis and insights. GiaGPT helps make decision-making more agile, improves efficiency and makes data readily available for finance leaders to focus on data-driven strategic decisions.

Competitive implementation timelines

Emagia maintains competitive implementation timelines compared to its peers, with vanilla implementations taking around 12 weeks on average. This approach helps clients realize value faster.


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Global Business Leaders Choose Emagia

Emagia is a leading provider of AI-powered Order-to-Cash (O2C) Automation Platform that brings the combined power of Automation, Analytics and AI to the Accounts Receivable. Emagia offers a cloud-based, AI-powered automation platform for credit, receivables, e-invoicing, payments, cash application, collections, deductions and cash management aimed at modernizing global finance operations for the digital age. Many global businesses and shared service centers use Emagia solutions to achieve digital world-class performance standards in their DSO, cash flow, credit risk, operational cost, compliance and profitability.

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