GiaDocs AI: Intelligent Document Processing for Receivables, Payables and Treasury

Gia Docs: Cognitive Data Capture AI-as-a-Service For Receivables and Treasury

GiaDocs AI, Emagia’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) service, is based on next generation neural networks deep learning technologies and has human-like cognitive skills to read, learn, understand and extract data from finance documents. This AI-as-a-Service fundamentally changes the way finance and treasury organizations transform documents into structured digital data.

GiaDocs AI eliminates time consuming manual data extract and costly template-based RPA bot-based extract with self-learning data capture service mimicking human-mind.

Put GiaDocs AI – Emagia’s Intelligent Document Processing Solution to Work

  • Enterprise-scalable solution that supports high volumes of data in various file formats
  • Eliminates time-consuming manual data extraction methods, and frees up resources for higher-value tasks
  • Transforms unstructured data into actionable business insights
  • Open architecture for easier Integration through APIs

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