Why Finance Controllers Should Use AI for Finance Documents Processing

Why Finance Controllers Should Use AI for Finance Documents Processing

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What is a Finance Controller and What are Their Responsibilities?

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) plays a huge role in enhancing the efficiency of finance controllers in the logistics area. Finance controllers manage a company’s internal finances like accounts receivable and accounts payable with more efficiency and less operational cost. Some of the responsibilities of finance controllers include overseeing internal accounting operations to managing cash and risk, ensuring timely payments to suppliers and vendors, and improving accounting processes.

To contribute to business success, financial controllers must harness digital technology and support automation in a way that maximizes efficiencies across accounting and operations and effectively prepares their organizations for the future.

Why Should a Finance Controller Leverage AI and IDP for Finance Documents?

Cost Savings

Automating the processing of financial documents with AI reduces the need for extensive manual labor, leading to significant cost savings. By minimizing errors and improving processing time, companies can also avoid costs associated with delayed payments, incorrect financial reporting, and regulatory fines.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Manual Processing of financial documents is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. AI-driven IDP solutions automate the extraction, processing, and validation of data from various document formats, reducing time for finance controllers spend on manual data entry. This allows for quick decision-making and reporting, ultimately leading to smoother financial operations.

Accuracy and Error Reduction

AI enables accurate extraction of data from unstructured documents. By minimizing human errors in data and processing, AI ensures the reliability of financial reports, crucial for strategic decision-making and maintaing regulatory compliance.

When Does a Business Become in Need of a Finance Controller?

When a business expands, finance controllers become a need because this is when the risk of revenue leakages increase due to heightened expenditure. Finance controllers are instrumental in optimizing budgets, tracking accounting operations, auditing expenditures, and minimizing revenue leakages. They also ensure the accuracy of financial audits and maintenance of ledgers, and assist CFOs in strategic financial operations. Apart from this, they make sure to maintain a sustainable internal financial ecosystem for a healthy supply chain management. This includes managing debts, inventory, reviewing purchase orders, and ensuring error-free transactional statements and ledgers.


IDP platforms can handle both structured and unstructured documents, reducing errors and freeing up finance controllers to focus on strategic tasks (financial planning and anlaysis). GiaDocs AI is an IDP platform, a solution that can support document-driven industries by automating the processing of documents, extracting, and verifying data efficiently. This is a versatile tool for finance controllers that is used across various sectors. Integration of AI and IDP solutions like GiaDocs within companies are encouraged to automate repetitive manual processes, thereby enhancing the efficiency of finance controllers and reducing the risk of errors that can impact a company’s financial health.


  • Finance controllers are responsible for managing a company’s accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Finance controllers manage growing operations with more efficiency and less operational cost.
  • Without IDP, manual document processing allows for more errors, more time-consumption, and higher operation costs.
  • With IDP, finance controllers would benefit in significant cost and time savings, efficiency and time, and less human errors.
  • GiaDocs is a versatile tool for finance controllers that can automate repetitive manual processes which helps a company’s financial health.

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