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Enterprise Receivables Management Suite

Emagia’s Enterprise Receivables Management Suite provides a unified platform for managing all order-to-cash processes seamlessly. It combines strong credit and collections policy management with order-to-cash process automation. This accelerates revenue cycles and decreases credit risk to maximize corporate value. Designed for high volume global operations, Emagia solutions are used by many credit, collections and cash application departments as well as finance-shared service centers.

Emagia’s Enterprise Receivables Management Suite:

  • Transforms, streamlines and automates global receivables management.
  • Reduces days sales outstanding and improves cash flow,
  • Leverages predictive analytics to maximize collections and minimize risk,
  • Transforms F&A shared services to GBS with data-driven insights, and,
  • Reduces operational costs by more than 50% while improving DSO by 25%.

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