Improve Cash Flow with the Solix Big Data Suite and Emagia

Improve Cash Flow with the Solix Big Data Suite and Emagia

Improving Cash Flow with Big Data Analytics

Every day enterprises collect huge amounts of data. The Solix Big Data Suite captures, organizes, and analyzes that data to unlock new opportunities for business value across the enterprise.

Global businesses lose the use of millions of dollars of cash because of late payment from customers. Emagia, running on top of the Solix Common Data Platform, optimizes cash flow from operations by harnessing volumes of data from a variety of systems used in financial operations. Emagia uses the Big Data Suite to identify patterns in cash collections and customer payment behavior to drive improved cash flow outcomes. It can:

  • Reduce working capital costs with highly accurate cash flow forecasts.
  • Boost profitable revenues by guiding sales teams with improved insight on customer credit risk.
  • Gain actionable insights to drive process transformation and improved financial performance.
  • Provide comprehensive, push button reporting for business stakeholders.

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