Accounts Receivable Management

accounts receivables management

Accounts receivable (AR) automation powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is the need of the hour. Intelligent accounts receivable (AR) management tools not only replace up to 90% of the manual activities but also provide better visibility and agility to speedily respond to market changes.

Key objectives of accounts receivable management software include gaining actionable insight into the cash flow performance, and eliminating layers of inefficiency. Emagia Accounts Receivable Performance Analysis software provides you with intelligence on all accounts and their payment trends spanning all divisions of the company.

Emagia’s AI-Powered Accounts Receivables Management solution delivers exponential advantage by simplifying workflow for AR processionals, boosting “touchless” collections with digital assistants, automating dispute resolution, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Using this accounts receivable AR automation software, businesses can:

  • Improve current AR to 90% and above
  • Achieve 95% and above auto-cash posting
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by 30%
  • Implement 100% flexible collection strategies

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