Start Your Enterprise Receivables Journey with AI

Why choose Enterprise Receivables Management System (ERMS)?

Maximizes Receivables Performance

  • Improves cash flow, optimizes working capital, automates credit review process, and helps make timely decisions
  • Provides actionable business insights and delivers enhanced customer service

Streamlines Everyday Workflow for AR professionals

  • Provides a 360-degree global view for managing all order-to-cash processes seamlessly
  • Improves process efficiency with automate task lists

Accelerates Digital Transformation

  • Eliminates tedious error-prone manual processes and frees up resources for higher-value tasks
  • Provides anytime, anywhere access to global receivables data
Why choose Enterprise Receivables Management System (ERMS)?

Start Transforming Your AR Operations Today

Delivering Exponential Impact with AI

75% faster onboarding of customers

Make faster, better and more accurate credit decisions with real-time alerts that monitor the credit portfolio of customers 24×7. Leverage AI-driven smart predictions that automate credit decisions and increase healthy revenues.

90% and above current AR

Unleashing the 3A’s of Automation, Analytics and AI to empower order-to-cash operations. Achieve a collection efficiency of 90% and above the current accounts receivables (AR).

95% and above auto-cash

Achieve 95% and above touchless straight through cash posting while drastically reducing the time and effort involved with manual cash application processing. Speed up cash posting directly into the ERP system while automatically resolving disputes.

80% and above manual task automation in deductions

Prioritize the assignment of deductions and dispute types. Automate the tedious manual work in tracing and resolving deductions. Increase revenue and profits while enhancing customer experience and reducing dispute resolution time.

95% and above touchless document data processing

Simplify invoice and remittance data capture with intelligent document processing for finance. Capture Account Payables (AP) and Account Receivables (AR) data seamlessly using AI. Process thousands of document files in multiple formats in just minutes with unparalleled accuracy.

24×7 access to customer accounts

Empower customers to access their account information and make payments online, quickly resolve disputes online while enhancing customer experience with a self-service portal. Experience a completely non-intrusive way to build and nurture lasting relationships.

Bringing the Power of AI to Receivables Automation

Emagia’s AI-powered Enterprise Receivables Management System (ERMS) addresses the growing complexity of AR management by simplifying and streamlining everyday workflow for AR professionals. The solution accelerates revenue cycles, lowers credit risk while maximizing the financial performance of our customers by driving efficiency and intelligence in finance operations. Emagia’s AI-powered ERMS provides a single unified platform that provides a 360-degree global view for managing all order-to-cash processes seamlessly.

Bringing the Trifecta Power – Automation, Analytics, AI


GiaPay: B2B Payments Orchestration

Faster, Frictionless and Cost-effective. Modernize your B2B customer payments with GiaPay payments orchestration platform. Enable smarter, faster and cost-effective payments flows in over 135 currencies. GiaPay accelerates customer payments and improves your cash flow.

GiaGPT: Generative AI for Finance

GiaGPT is designed to transform the way finance professionals interact with their enterprise finance reports, data, and documents. Instead of manual search and analysis methods, executives can now simply chat with GiaGPT and gain rapid insights seamlessly.
Emagia Gia

Gia AI: Digital Finance Assistant

Drive exponential efficiency in your Order-to-Cash operations with Emagia’s AI-powered digital assistant. Gia is purpose-built for global finance to interact with customers.
Gia Docs

GiaDocs AI: Intelligent Document Processing

Go TOUCHLESS. Extract data from invoices, remittances, cheques, bank statements, lockbox files. Increase document data capture and cut down manual data processing costs by over 90%

Order-To-Cash Analytics

Take charge of the complete Credit-to-Cash cycle with intelligent data. Monitor and measure all aspects of Accounts Receivable (AR) with critical insights and dashboards.

Why Emagia?

Emagia is recognized as a leader in the Digital Order-to-Cash by leading analysts.
Emagia has processed over $900 billion + in AR across 90 countries in 25 languages.

Proven Record of



Processed Over


in AR







Emagia’s AI-powered O2C platform empowers businesses to achieve digital world-class performance

Single Platform


or higher current
AR performance

Cash Application auto-match


or higher cash application
auto-match rates

Credit Approve


or higher Credit approval
cycle acceleration

Higher DSO Reduction


or higher
DSO reduction

Global FTE


or more Global
FTE redeployment

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