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How Digital Assistants
Improve Order-To-Cash Operations

Learn how AI powered digital assistants are helping improve order-to-cash operations and results. This technology is not a vision of the future, it is already helping many companies – TODAY !

We will discuss how digital assistants assist customers 24/7/365, and which order-to-cash operations and repetitive tasks they can perform to free up your staff for higher value add work. Few of those are

  • Credit: Facilitating and verifying on-line credit application submissions by new customers.
  • Collections: Performing “touchless” collection contacts, engaging in fully automated dialogue to secure a payment or payment commitment.
  • Cash Application: Extracting remittance data from any source in any format, and applying it to open obligations.
  • Deductions: Tracking and reporting all deductions from creation through clearing, and credit memo approval routing.

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