Gia | Your Digital Finance Assistant

Gia | Your Digital Finance Assistant Supercharge Your Finance Operations

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Life

She is on a mission to amplify the human potential of your finance operations with purposeful artificial intelligence and to help gain strategic value for your business

Gia – Hire Your First Digital Employee in Your Finance Department

  • The Most Trusted AI for Enterprise Finance – Intelligent, Intuitive & Insightful
  • Understands and communicates in Natural Language in both voice & chat and on any device such as mobile, desktop or tablet
  • Cognitive machine that continuously learns the context, performs all administrative tasks, finds relevant information and predicts outcomes
  • Finance Assistant who is available 24/7/365, with no payroll taxes, vacation or medical benefits
  • Learns new skills every nano-second and is few 100x more productive than an average human employee

What value Gia can deliver to your enterprise?

  • Cost: Reduce cost of labor and improve efficiency of your organization with you most reliable employee.
  • Control: Gain control on your operations with the information, analytics and process control Gia can assist you with.
  • Customer: Gain customer 360 view instantly to strategize how you can improve revenues, profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • Compliance: Gia can monitor for compliance 24X7, detect and report anomalies, take corrective actions.
  • Cash flow: Improve your cash flow with Gia in your finance operations guiding your operations to maximize the finance performance.

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