A key part of customer experience is self-service. Emagia Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) portal is a fully integrated financial self-service component of the Emagia Enterprise Receivables Management System (ERMS). The module empowers customers to take charge and allows them to access what they want when they want it.

Why a customer self-service portal?

Customers would love it when they can find information on their own. A customer self-service portal provides customers with a 24×7 access to their invoices and bills, track the due date, and resolve payment-related disputes without any human intervention. A self-serving customer electronic invoice presentment and payment (EIPP) portal enhances customer experience while eliminating roadblocks to delayed payments.

Emagia Edge with its EIPP portal

Following up with customers on invoices and disputes is tedious, puts strain on your valuable resources, and impacts the bottom-line. The Emagia Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) portal helps overcome this problem by implementing a good customer self-service system that not only frees up your resources but also helps enhance your customer experiences.

The Emagia EIPP portal is fast, secure and offers a sense of control to your customers. The portal’s seamless integration with the Emagia Deductions Management module, enables customers to file a dispute without any initial involvement from your staff. The built-in workflow automatically notifies the team members concerned and triggers the resolution process. Using the portal, customers can collaborate with your personnel online and check any dispute status in the system.

Secure, Convenient and Confidential

The EIPP portal offers multiple levels of security with user authentication, SSL encryption for all access and transmission. Its secure integration with back-end banking systems and payment networks allows clients to pay invoices online at their convenience, accelerating your cash receipts and reducing your processing costs. It even facilitates electronic funds transfer, paving way for faster payment processing while reducing the administrative costs involved in payment receipts.

Emagia EIPP Solution Highlights

  • Enhance the customer experience on the portal with your brand theme
  • Designed for easy deployment for multi-brand global enterprises
  • Embed portal link on your website or eCommerce portal easily
  • 25+ languages for localized user experience
  • 90+ currency formats for over 150 countries
  • Supporting over 150+ payment methods
  • API integrations with leading ERPs – Oracle, SAP, NetSuite, MSDynamics, etc
  • Automated email campaigns to drive customer portal self-registration
  • Embedded customer portal links in all customer correspondence
  • Safe and secure multi-factor authentication for onboarding
  • Multi-brand invoices presentment made easy with templates
  • Seamless account information data loads from ERP systems
  • Automated invoicing via emails, customer portal, AP portals mails and fax
  • Track invoice status open, read and bouncebacks
  • Accept ACH, credit card, virtual cards and over 150+ localized payment methods
  • Tokenized secure payment options embedded in emails and customer portal
  • Robust payments orchestration done across various payment gateways – Chase Paymentech, Stripe, Paytrace and multiple others
  • Use direct bank payments and eliminate credit card processing costs
  • Enable chargeback fees option to customer to eliminate charges
  • Use Level III information to reduce processing time and costs
  • 24X7 customer support with smart digital finance assistant AI, Gia
  • Answers queries on all questions related to account balances and payments
  • Smart alerts and customer payment behavior trends reporting
  • Receive inquiries from customers directly on the portal for AR teams
  • Enhance customer support on escalations with live links and chats
  • Easy way to report issues and discrepancies on invoicing
  • Enhanced customer support on tickets and claims processing
  • Download and print statements, invoices, shipping, BOLl/POD’s
  • Access all history related to payments, disputes and account related information

EIPP Key Benefits

Using the Emagia Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) portal, businesses can:

  • Provide customers with a 24×7 access to their accounts
  • Reduce payment processing time and costs
  • Resolve payment-related disputes quickly
  • Eliminate roadblocks to delayed payments
  • Build and nurture lasting customer relationships

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