Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Payment Portal

Customer Electronic Invoicing Presentment & Payment Portal

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Get Closer to Your Customers

The Emagia Customer Financials Portal leverages the proven benefits of customer self-service. With a secure, web-based interface, this module extends your corporate portal to include customer financial self-service capabilities. Through its collaborative capabilities, this module brings your customer closer to your credit and collections operations, helping you achieve better, more profitable customer relationships.

Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment

Invoices generated by your financial system are instantly posted to the Customer Financials Portal. This means your customers have 24X7 access to current documentation associated with their accounts. This improved information access enhances customer satisfaction and eliminates many of the roadblocks that can cause customers to delay payment.

Emagia Customer Financials Portal

Online Dispute Resolution and Management

Taking advantage of the seamless integration of Emagia Deductions Management into the larger company financial management environment, your customers can file a dispute, including the underlying issues involved, without any initial involvement by your staff. The built-in workflow automatically notifies the appropriate members of your team and kicks off a research and resolution process. Customers can collaborate with your personnel online and check status of any dispute in the system.

Online Settlement and Payment

Secure integration with back-end banking systems and payment networks allows your clients to pay invoices online at their convenience, accelerating your cash receipts and reducing your processing costs. Using the Verisign secure payment network, Emagia can enable electronic funds transfer from your customers’ banks directly to your lockbox. This enables faster payment processing and reduces the cost of administrative activities involved with payment receipts.

Secure Access and Confidentiality

To ensure confidentiality for your company and your clients, the Emagia Customer Financials Portal delivers multiple levels of security. Access to the portal is protected by user identification. Information is further protected using Secure Socket Layer encryption for all access and transmission. Emagia security features can also leverage existing Active directory services such as LDAP to take advantage of standard single sign-on systems.


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