Intelligent Document Processing for BFSI Enterprises

GiaDocs AI – Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for BFSI Enterprises

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Emagia Staff

Intelligent document processing can transform document processing into a touchless activity for BFSI enterprises.

The BFSI sector generates a large volume of documents such as lockbox images, bank statements, checks, invoices and remittances, which make data processing complex and tedious. Nearly 80% of the data in these documents is locked up in hard-to-process formats such as email bodies, PDFs, scanned copies, and images. The costs are immense if this data remains unprocessed.

Accelerate your BFSI document processing with GiaDocs AI – Emagia’s Intelligent Document Processing service. Using GiaDocs AI, BFSI companies can extract, process and interpret data from various BFSI documents with 90% and above accuracy levels across all document formats.

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Make your document data processing hyper-efficient with GiaDocs AI:

  • Reduce manual data processing by 90%
  • Minimize the risk of errors by 85%
  • Cut down document processing time by 70%
  • Process documents across 15 languages

Harvest unstructured data from complex finance documents



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