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B2B Credit Decisions Using AI

The demands on credit management have intensified since March 2020. Credit risk remains high even though the economy has rebounded fairly well from the pandemic-induced slump. However, high inflation and interest rates have emerged as threats in 2023. These factors, along with a decline in government funding and subsides, are likely to drive a higher-than-normal volume of bankruptcies over the next several years.

Download this eBook to learn about how AI can facilitate faster B2B credit decisions. Find out how AI-driven digitization can automate 70 – 80% of manual work in credit vetting, setting credit limits, and enforcing credit controls.

This eBook will preview how AI can:

  • Automate manual, paper-based credit functions
  • Accelerate credit processing and onboard customers faster
  • Minimize the credit risk and bad debts
  • Help cope up with increased workload in a WFH environment

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