Cash Application Whitepaper

Cash Application Whitepaper

Intelligent Cash Application Process Leveraging Automation Cycle Flow

Reduce Costs and Improve EfficiencyCash Application Whitepaper

Cash application software automation process cycle flow often requires input from different data sources. Financial cash application covers a variety of feeds including lock box files, EDI files and other types of customer remittance information as well as bank statements. Accounts receivable cash can be applied across multiple customer numbers for the same payment. The matching algorithms match customers, payments, open invoices and other transactional information to create automatic cash application files that can update the financial system and that need additional research.

Emagia is automated account receivable credit and collections software. made mainly for groups selling on credit score phrases, anytime gather automates invoice dispute management, cash forecasting, customer communications, invoice bill presentment, online invoice bill pay and credit management, The complete collections process will become faster & simpler.

Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency on Cash Application

Automating Feeds from Lockbox and Banks

Intelligent Matching and Recommendations for Cash Application

Improving Cash Flow Predictability and Performance