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Optimizing your Order-to-Cash Operations to Enhance Working Capital

Successful finance executives are changing the way they look at their businesses. Gone are the days when the primary focus was on line item expenditures and balancing budgets. Best-in-class CFO’s, treasurers and controllers are directing their energies on operational processes. Order-to-cash is a vast, untapped resource for improving working capital, increasing profitability, decreasing risk, improving margins, cutting costs and driving revenue growth.

This video examines how Emagia’s advanced technology can revolutionize your finance operations in important areas, such as:

  • Managing working capital – the money to run your business,
  • Making your orders-to-cash operations work for you.
  • Developing digital transformation strategy.
  • Using software applications to automate order-to-cash functions.
  • Developing a roadmap to start your O2C working capital improvements.

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