cash application automation software for global businesses made easy
Many companies in the space face all-too-common cash application challenges such as incomplete (or inaccurate) payment information, a wide variety of payment methods, extraordinarily high volume of small transactions, currency discrepancies, and, of course, ever-present regulatory compliance headaches. To continue facing the myriad of problems using traditional, mostly manual processes in an increasingly fast-paced and complex landscape means embracing inefficiency. Most logistics companies can ill-afford this coming off of recent, difficult years.

There is a better way, one that leverages automation and analytics to supercharge cash application performance.

Emagia’s AI-powered Cash Application solution for touchless, frictionless cash posting can modernize your AR operations, bringing together invoices, receipts, and remittances from multiple sources at hyper-speed. The solution – fueled by Emagia’s proprietary digital assistant Gia – connects 170+ banks across 90 countries in 15 different languages to automatically extract payments and remittance data from multiple sources and documents in many different formats and apply them to open invoices with industry-leading hit rates.

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