What Are Digital Assistants

What Are Digital Assistants

Many professionals in the Order-to-Cash space have heard how the fleet of Emagia’s efficiency-boosting products and services are driven by Gia, the proprietary, AI-powered digital assistant. Still, that’s leaves some wondering: what are digital assistants and what do they actually do?

Digital assistants can provide a substantial amount of value to a business, especially the “back-office” functions like credit and treasury processes, by taking away the need for humans to complete most manual and repetitive tasks. Without needing to know extensive jargon that exceeds natural language, professions can use digital assistants to free up time to focus on the most important business situations that move the needle, rather than mundane tasks.

Take the next two minutes to brush up on the world of digital assistants and what they can do for you and your business by checking out the video below.

What Are Digital Assistants

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