Wednesday, Jan. 24 @ 11 AM EST/10 AM CST

Join us as Veena Gundavelli, CEO and founder of leading AI-powered order-to-cash solutions firm Emagia, talks about the future of technology in credit. Specifically, Gundavelli will walk attendees through where greater use of automation and Generative AI within credit functions across the board can empower professionals to achieve historic levels of efficiency.

In areas like CashApp and Product Order Processes, GenAI’s ability to automate data extraction via a variety of sources ranging from emails to scanned documents to handwritten notes will lead credit professionals to historic efficiency and with remarkable accuracy. This is going to allow companies unprecedented scalability without a massive acceptance of new risk. Solutions like AI-driven order entry are the heartbeat of modern commerce, turning data into decisions that drive unparalleled efficiency and growth.

ChatGPT, GiaGPT and The Future of AI in The Credit Profession


veena Gundavelli

Veena Gundavelli
Founder & CEO, Emagia

Date: January 24, 2024
Time: 11 AM EST/10 AM CST

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