Intelligent Document Processing

Top Financial Use Cases for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Do you know you can move to a more efficient paperless environment in your financial operations using Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)?

IDP uses cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and other related technologies to extract data from voluminous, unstructured, complex, hard copy documents. IDP eliminates the tedious manual data entry and extraction.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is faster, cheaper and more accurate than having humans read and process documents. Even Robotic Process Automation (RPA) doesn’t work as well with multiple unknown document formats. IDP improves productivity for Finance departments in Claims (deductions) Processing, Accounts Payable, Order Processing and Cash Application.

Watch this video to know:

  • How IDP works
  • How to cut down manual activity and lockbox fees by 85%
  • How to use IDP in Financial Operations
  • How your company can benefit from IDP
Top Financial Use Cases for Intelligent Document Processing

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