Revolutionize Your Finance Operations with Touchless Document Processing

Document processing is very complicated because of the many formats, multiple languages and document types coming from customers, banks, logistics providers and other financial supply chain partners. Cognitive Document Processing, also known as AI Document Processing or Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) can make enterprises go paperless with touchless processing.

Data extraction from invoices, checks, remittances, lockbox files, bank statements, receipts and other documents is cumbersome and costly for global finance and treasury organizations. Step into the Future of Finance with touchless document processing. Enter, capture, extract and process data from a variety of document formats with AI-powered document processing

Welcome to Gia Docs AI – The Future of Touchless Document Processing

Read, extract, index and organize data from complex finance documents in the accounts receivable (AR), payable (AP) and treasury operations in minutes using Gia Docs AI.

  • No more copy and pasting
  • No more manual data extraction
  • No more manual data processing errors

Put Gia Docs AI to work to experience 90% and above straight-through processing. Leverage the benefits of cognitive document processing to read, comprehend and process invoices, remittance advice, lockbox images, checks, banks/credit card statements, ACH, e-mail,…to name a few.

Touchless Documents Processing with AI


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