Revolutionize Your Finance Operations with Touchless Document Processing

Documents in Global finance – AR, AP and treasury operations – are complex in nature

Document processing is very complicated because of the many formats, languages and document types coming from many external sources – your customers, banks, logistics providers and other financial supply chain partners.

Data extraction from invoices, checks, remittances, lockbox files, bank statements, receipts and other documents is very cumbersome and very costly for global finance and treasury organizations.

Manual data extraction is expensive and time-consuming. Robotic Process Automation(RPA) does not work well with multiple unknown document formats. Most companies outsource finance and treasury document processing (BPO) or shift the processing to lower cost shared service locations (SSCs). Most companies also incur thousands of dollars in banking lockbox and data entry fees.

Welcome to the Future of Finance – Touchless Documents Processing with AI

Touchless Documents Processing with AI

  • No more copy and pasting.
  • No human will ever need to extract data from finance documents manually.
  • No more manual data entry.

Introducing New Hyper efficient Gia Docs AI

Self-learning Finance Document Data Capture Assistant with Vision and Voice

Assistant that has vision and voice. Trained to read, extract and learn from every document so you don’t have to. Simply use voice to search and get information from any document.

Experience the efficiency gain.

What does Gia Docs AI do?

Reads, extracts, indexes and organizes data from thousands of documents in the accounts receivable, payable and treasury operations in minutes.

What documents can Gia Docs AI capture?

  • Remittance Advices
  • Invoices
  • Lockbox Images
  • Checks Receipts
  • Bank /Credit Card Statements and other files

Who can use Gia Docs AI?

Accounts receivables and accounts payables staff, cash application staff and treasury teams

How can you use Gia Docs AI?

Simply upload your scanned documents PDF or JPG or other types and get back neatly extracted data in CSV and other formats. Gia Docs AI learns every time you correct the extracted data

What’s the big deal about Gia Docs AI?

  • No Fixed Templates for OCR: Manual data extraction or template based OCR and RPA extraction works on fixed formats only. Your documents from customers, banks and other providers come in many formats.
  • Mimics Human Intelligence: Gia Docs AI can read any format of remittances, checks, invoices and other documents. It has the intelligence to read, self-learn and extract data coming in various formats using deep learning.
  • Fine Tuned Now for Finance and Treasury Documents

Add to your ERP

Integrate into your business process automation easily. Gia Docs APIs can connect with the AR and treasury modules of your ERP.
You can not only transform unstructured data from documents to structured formats, but can now run a data-driven business process.

Experience The Exponential Impact

90% or more increase in your document processing speeds in AR, AP and Treasury
60% or more increase in your document processing costs in AR, AP and Treasury

Case Study: Global Shared Services of Large Hi-tech Manufacturer

  • Exponential Impact: Over $3B and 300,000+ receivables per year are processed in the Emagia AI-powered Digital AR Platform with Gia Docs AI. Accounts receivables transactions across 46 business units and payment transactions from130+ banks with more than 1.5M+ transactions in multiple currencies and documents in multiple languages such as French, German, Italian and others from over 40 countries.
  • Achieved over 90% cash application automation.
    Touchless document processing of lockbox images, bank statements and remittance advices – JPMC, Citibank, Post Finance and many others in multiple languages.

Put GiaDocs AI to Work Save $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Reduce treasury costs – Lockbox Data Entry Fees
  • Reduce Accounts Receivable costs – Remittance Advices, Check and Stub images, Bank Statements
  • Reduce Accounts Payable Costs – Invoices, Expense Receipts, Check images and credit card statements

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