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The Future Of Work: Intelligent Machines Whispering To Your Employees

Employ Everyday AI And Digital Colleagues To Drive Business Value Today And Into The Future by J. P. Gownder

Featuring research from Forrester, The Future Of Work: Intelligent Machines Whispering To Your Employees, “Investments in technologies like intelligent assistants, virtual agents, robotic process automation (RPA) bots, AI-infused software, and even physical robots promise to augment humans’ capabilities, increasing their productivity and making them more effective at serving customers”.

Key Takeaways
  • The Future Of Work Involves Working Side By Side With Intelligent Machines
    Intelligent machines promise to amplify and augment human capabilities at work. Bringing real-time, AI-driven insights to the edge promises to revolutionize employee productivity and improve employee experience.
  • Mastering Human-Machine Interaction Faces Far More Obstacles Than You Think
    From technology immaturity to legacy infrastructure to low organizational RQ, barriers keep most digital and technology leaders from constructing human-machine teams today.
  • Success Depends On Focused Scenarios Deployed Across The Employee Journey
    Success starts with choosing deeply focused workflows and then designing human-machine interactions that complement the employee journey. You must then employ everyday AI and/ or digital colleagues to augment your human employees’ performance.

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