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Leading Order-to-Cash Amid COVID-19

While the fears of economic uncertainty and global recession are grappling every business amid the COVID-19 pandemic, focus on cash flow – managing risk, maximizing liquidity from receivables and optimizing working capital – has become paramount for every business – big or small. The back-office finance in almost all global companies, has responded strongly to the biggest disruption and switched swiftly to “work from home” to maintain business continuity.

It’s time to use every tool you have to steer your cash flow and your business through this storm. The true test of leadership is how well you function in a crisis.

In our latest white paper we explore

  • Why CFO’s and senior management need to make informed decisions and build contingency plans “NOW”?
  • What can help global receivables process owners and treasury leaders in managing their operations during this period of remote working and of rapid economic uncertainty?

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