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CIO’s Guide to Automation, AI and Robotics

Driving Business Value Requires Investments In Strategic Competencies
April 10, 2018

Featuring research from Forrester The CIO’s Guide to Automation, AI, and Robotics, “Conversational interfaces have become a key area of investment for many firms, but creating business value with them today can be tricky… Emagia’s Gia intelligent agent helps CFOs and their teams retrieve and act upon data from complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.”

This report gives CIOs a consolidated view of the value, goals, and best practices of automation.

Key Takeaways

With Automation technologies such as AI and Robotics,

  • Automation Can Revolutionize The Business Impact Of Technology – driving improvements in scale, velocity and other buisness metrics
  • CIOs can Drive Up To Three Business Goals With Automation – innovating with business technology, optimizing operations, and creating and acting upon advanced insights.
  • CIOs Must Raise Automation To The Level Of A Strategic Competency– From internal technology operations to customer-facing interactions, automation will suffuse your digital business in coming years. To succeed with automation, CIOs must invest in five areas and raise automation to the level of a strategic organizational competency.

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