Finance Transformation: A Focus on Order-to-Cash

Finance Transformation: A Focus on Order-to-Cash

In this video you will learn about the essential elements to achieve finance transformation within order-to-cash functions by making the most of digitalization, analytics, and automation. We will show you how finance transformation aligns with CFO priorities, why it makes sense to begin with the order-to-cash organization, and the steps you need to get started.

After watching our 60 minute video, you should be ready to assess your current environment and begin the journey towards better efficiency and effectiveness in your order-to-cash department. Please click on the link below to get access to the recorded video.

Video Outline

  • Finance Transformation Defined,
  • Changing CFO Focus,
  • Why Start with Order-to-Cash,
  • Intro to Digitalization,
  • How Predictive Analytics help,
  • What is Smart Automation,
  • Where to Begin,
  • How to Get Started.

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