Transform Your Customer Financial Services to the Digital Age

Video Transcript

transform your customer financial
services to the digital age with ammaji
a– ai introducing gia gia is an emoji
as a I powered digital finance assistant
for customer financial services gia
transforms the way you engage your
customers for billing and payments 24/7
with Gia you can now create 100%
personalized digital customer engagement
your customer can now talk text or tap
to interact with gia 24/7 and Gia will
help them make their payments easily gia
learns and gets smarter with every
interaction gia uses artificial
intelligence predictive analytics and
natural language processing to do simple
to complex conversations number one send
timely bills and payment reminders
number two take promise to pay and
dispute information number three process
payments immediate
gyah integrates easily with your core
financial system such as oracle s AP or
any other system and transforms your
customer financial services to the
digital age power up your world a gia to
your customer Financial Services team

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