Digital Order-to-Cash: A Roadmap to Collections Automation (Part 3-Happy Customers, Happy Shareholders)

Digital Order-to-Cash: A Roadmap to Cash Application Automation (Part 3 – Happy Customers, Happy Shareholders)

How many times have we heard that cash is the life blood of every organization? That old adage has not changed. Even in an organization where the money is flowing in timely you must get those payments applied quickly and accurately. Equally important is being able to predict when that cash will be coming in. Manual processes are rife with errors and require large teams to match cash receipts to open invoices as well as to determine when or if a customer will pay. If it is taking more than 1 day to post cash or your forecasting is constantly fluctuating, then you have a problem.

In this video you will learn how automation, machine learning and robotic process automation can translate into a traceable, predictable process, all without using a single sheet of paper.