Digital Credit: Onboarding the Customer

Digital Credit: Onboarding the Customer

The conventional B2B credit review process is complicated and slows down customer onboarding as it often requires multiple exchanges with external systems and stakeholders for approvals. This can result in unnecessary and costly delays, which impact revenue. On the other hand, a digital credit process not only automates credit decisions but also accelerates customer onboarding.

This video focuses on a digital credit automation process, which plays a vital role in managing the credit risk and faster customer on-boarding.

This video highlights two critical components of credit process:

  • Speeding up customer onboarding by going digital in B2B credit management
  • Setting your credit process on autopilot with the right credit controls

Watch the video to learn how the coming together of Automation, Analytics, and AI can modernize your credit department with mobile-friendly digital credit applications, digital credit checks, automated credit scoring & credit decisions, advanced analytics, credit bureau reports, and an AI-powered digital credit assistant. We also discuss the digital credit transformation at Walters Wholesale Electric, a leading electrical equipment distributor.

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