Automating the Credit Process Transforming to Electronic Credit Department

Automating the Credit Process Transforming to Electronic Credit Department

Today’s businesses demand an agile, automated, and adaptive credit department that can respond to sales needs and onboard customers as rapidly as possible while mitigating risk. Automating the credit process using the latest technologies in cloud, digital, and analytic technologies is essential to take the credit department to these new and necessary levels. Our webinar discusses:

10 Essential components of automation of credit process

The 10 essential components of credit process automation are electronic credit applications, digital signatures, electronic reference checks, third-party credit reports, credit scoring, credit decision making, approval workflows, automated periodic reviews, credit holds/order releases, and dashboards and reporting.

Guidelines to building custom score cards

The video covers key components of the score cards, how to choose the right data metrics for your business/industry, and how to develop an effective credit scoring system specific to your organization.

Benefits of integrating third party credit reports

The webinar presents the advantages of automated data capture/retrieval from external credit bureaus and portfolio risk analysis using automated reports.

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