The Journey
to Smarter AR Management with AI

The Journey to Smarter Accounts Receivable Management with AI

Accounts Receivable Automation is a top priority in many companies. The trifecta of artificial intelligence (AI), automation and analytics can deliver exponential advantage in AR automation.

Find out how you can plan for a successful deployment of a unified end-to-end AI-driven accounts receivable platform. Learn from the journey of a leading global medical supplies manufacturer how to prioritize and plan for large scale digital transformation of end-to-end AR including credit, collections, deductions and cash application.

Download this eBook to understand how to achieve world-class AR performance:

  • 85% and above on-time payments
  • 90% and above cash application auto-match rates
  • 50% and above global FTE redeployment
  • 30% and above DSO reduction

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