Roadmap to the Future:
Order-To-Cash for the Next Decade

Roadmap to the Future: Order-To-Cash for the Next Decade

Digital has become the latest way to optimize the order-to-cash (o2C) process for exponential gains. Digital technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and IDP hold a promising future for global finance operations.

Download this eBook to learn about how to ready your O2C process for the disruptive digital age to enhance customer experience, gain timely insight, make accurate credit decisions, automate operations and improve cash flow / working capital.

This eBook will provide an insight into:

  • Emergence of digital O2C platforms with automation, analytics, artificial intelligence and more
  • Future state of O2C operations – credit, orders, receivables, collections, deductions, cash application, payments
  • Planning for staffing with hybrid teams – humans and robots
  • Finance 2025: Predictions by Deloitte, and
  • The digital future, and how not to get left behind it

Who should read: CFOs, VP – Finance, Shared Services Managers, Controllers, Treasury Managers, Accounts Receivables Professionals, Credit Managers, Cash Application Professionals

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