Mitigate the Impact
of The Great Resignation
with AI Digital Assistants

Mitigate the Impact of the Great Resignation with AI Digital Assistants

Download this eBook to learn about how AI-powered digital assistants can minimize the impact of the Great Resignation, and address many of the challenges in order-to-cash operations.

The disruption caused by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have made many people to reassess their priorities in terms of life and career. A recent survey by PwC of more than 52,000 workers in 44 countries indicates the Great Resignation is set to continue.

The Great Resignation is set to continue, according to PwC, with one in five saying they are likely to switch jobs in the next 12 months.

This eBook provides an insight into how AI digital assistants can:

  • Eliminate 70-90% of manual work in order-to-cash operations
  • Free up staff or more value-adding tasks, thereby enriching job
  • Minimize the cost of compensation increases by limiting workforce
  • Improve digital customer experience in order-to-cash operations

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