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Four Essentials Of Digital Cash Forecasting

Learn about how to forecast cash flow more accurately. Our focus will be on forecasting cash inflow from Accounts Receivable (AR) which is the largest operational source of cash for most companies. Learn from our order-to-cash expert, John Salek about the key elements and tools available to greatly improve the accuracy and timeliness of cash inflow from AR. The essential elements are:

  1. Consolidation of AR data across divisions and ERP’s
  2. Predictive Modeling
  3. Analysis and Simulation
  4. Tracking and Monitoring

We discussed how incentives for Collectors improve cash flow forecasting accuracy. In the current pandemic economy, Credit Departments face extreme pressure to deliver and predict cash flow, to enable disbursement controls and cost-effective borrowing. Attendees will increase their knowledge on how to deliver these benefits to their organizations.

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