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Enhance Your Customers’
Experience with Real Time Payments

Learn what real time payments are and their advantages over traditional payment methods.

Real Time Payments (RTP), also known as Digital RTP and “Frictionless Digital Payments” are payments made directly between buyer and seller through a direct and a secure connection on an Account to Account (A2A) basis. It enables online payments from buyer to seller in a wide range of devices.

It can be a huge benefit for companies that demand payment on delivery, which is especially important in the pandemic economy (for financially weak customers) and more so in certain industries (e.g., food service).

  1. Digital RTP and the customer experience
  2. The direct financial advantages of digital RTP
  3. Its beneficial impact on cash application and accuracy of customer accounts
  4. How digital RTP combined with an AI powered digital assistant can achieve “touchless” collections

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