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Digital Order-to-Cash:
Innovation for the New Normal and Beyond

Accelerating Cash flow with AI/ML

In a survey conducted by Emagia, 67% of survey respondents are saying that accelerating cash flow will be the primary driver for their 2021 digital order-to-cash transformation project.

Covid has transformed the way companies are doing business. Nowhere is digital more essential than with billing/invoicing, collection of accounts receivable and managing customer deductions or short payments. AI/ML technologies are permeating in every part of the Order-to-Cash lifecycle and are creating exponential efficiency for successful organizations. New dynamics for the hybrid workforce are already emerging as the result of the new normal.

Read this ebook in which Veena Gundavelli, Founder & CEO of Emagia and our guest speaker Vipul Taneja, VP, Digital Finance at Cognizant to hear about the trends in digital finance operations and how the trifecta of automation, analytics and AI is changing the finance landscape.

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