Digital B2B Credit Applications for the New Normal

Digital Credit: Onboarding the Customer

B2B credit processing often slows down customer onboarding. This is because of the rigid paper-based processes and PDF applications which are time-consuming and error-prone. Now you can go paper-less with Emagia digital credit applications, which expedite b2b credit applications and credit approvals.

With Emagia’s online b2b credit applications, you can forget slow form validations, error-prone processes. Emagia’s B2B credit applications save time, accelerate credit decisions, and help you make better and accurate decisions in real-time.

Emagia’s flexible digital credit applications provide a 360-degree visibility of customers. You can get a consolidated view of your credit risk with configurable application forms, and real-time b2b credit reports and alerts that monitor the credit portfolio of customers 24×7. Emagia leverages AI to provide you with smarter data that automates your credit decisions.

Download this eBook to know how to:

  • Get rid of rigid PDF credit applications
  • Set up digital credit applications
  • Receive and process digital b2b credit applications anytime, anywhere
  • Process hundreds of trade credit applications in just minutes
  • Onboard customers 75% faster
  • Accelerate business credit processing 10x and above

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