Data-driven Finance for Your Accounts Receivables Operations

The New Directive for Finance. Data Driven O2C Transformation. Strategic Benefits

This e-book discusses important issues in transforming financial operations to an automated, digital architecture with a focus on:

  • Eliminating Data Silos: Place data at the heart of your operations management. Bring together all customer and operational data from multiple sources in one centralized repository – the Unified Data Store, a.k.a. the Operational Data Lake. Get a single view of truth.
  • Turning Data into Insights into Decisions: Manage C2C organizational behavior with insights. Gain C2C insights, reports, and forecasts. Understand customer payment behavior, DSO, CEI, and other operational issues patterns.
  • Digitize and Automate C2C: Start with high-impact areas – digital credit, billing, collections, cash applications, customer self-service. Automate C2C end-to-end – all digital forms and transactions, digital data gathering, digital correspondence, automated workflows, automated task lists. Understand human and software robot coexistence.