Data-Driven Finance for Achieving Excellence in Order-to-Cash Operations

Achieving finance operations excellence is one of the top 2017 goals for most CFOs. Finance executives need to lead a technology-centric transformation to bring 21st century digital efficiency to their operations.

Find out how you can use data-driven finance to gain control of your operations using big data, analytics and robotic process automation (RPA). This book examines:

  • The impact of order-to-cash cycle efficiency on business performance,
  • Improving key financial performance metrics and in particular days sales outstanding (DSO),
  • Managing working capital to optimize cash flow using digital methods,
  • Improving profitability by cutting the cost of operations,
  • Decreasing risks including credit exposure, product issues, and fulfillment challenges,
  • Supporting growth with business expansion investments, and,
  • Increasing share holder confidence to increase stock price.