B2B Credit Management System
in the New Normal

b2b credit management

B2B credit management system has intensified during the last two years. Though the economy is slowly rebounding from the pandemic-induced slump, B2B credit risk management remains a topmost priority for most businesses. While B2B credit processing often slows down customer onboarding, B2B credit risk can be managed easily and customers can be onboarded faster using AI-powered credit management.

Emagia AI-powered B2B credit management system empowers businesses with smarter data that automates credit decisions, increases healthy revenues and minimizes the accounts receivable (AR) risk. This intelligent solution helps you go paperless with digital credit applications, and accelerate credit processing with the latest credit bureau reports and credit scoring. It also facilitates anytime, anywhere credit decisions for the new normal by providing access to key credit risk metrics, credit terms, credit exposure etc.

Download this B2B Credit Management System eBook to understand:

  • Shift of sales and order processing to e-commerce
  • Managing b2B credit risk in a work-from-home environment
  • Elements of b2B credit that can be automated with AI
  • Automating up to 80% of manual tasks in credit management
  • How AI can be used to increase healthy revenues

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