How American Heart Association Automated Credit Processing

How American Heart Association Automated Credit Processing

Same Day B2B Credit Decisions Made Easy with Emagia

Automated credit processing not only saves time and effort but also frees up teams to focus more on higher-value tasks. Find out how American Heart Association (AHA), a $1B non-profit organization, automated credit processing for its SHOPcpr eCommerce division with Emagia.

American Heart Association (AHA) is the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke with 90 years of life-saving history. To handle its rapidly growing customer base, AHA has now transformed its credit services to digital with Emagia. This was the first time AHA got into the credit portfolio and they chose to partner with Emagia to provide a seamless service to their valuable customers.

Emagia’s AI-powered Credit Solution empowers AHA with a digital credit process that automates B2B credit decisions, increasing healthy revenues and accelerating customer onboarding. AHA now uses Emagia’s end-to-end-digital credit processing solution that includes digital credit applications, digital signatures, digital references and digital credit scoring.

Download this case study to know more about how American Heart Association (AHA) is accelerating B2B customer credit approvals and growing business rapidly using Emagia’s Digital Credit Processing solution.

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