Credit Risk Management Software

credit risk management

Emagia’s B2B Credit Risk Management Solution empowers organizations to make consistent and efficient credit decisions that increase revenue and minimize credit risk. The AI-powered credit decisioning software provides a 360-degree view of customers with their credit risk and receivables information in real-time.

Emagia’s AI-powered Credit Risk Management software comes with intelligent credit management tools and credit management analytics to provide an end-to-end digital credit process that automates credit decisions and accelerates customer onboarding. Using this smart credit decisioning software, businesses can simplify their credit management process and minimize human effort. The AI-powered credit management solution enables businesses to go paperless, review the credit profile of customers in real-time, and speed up credit processing with the latest credit bureau reports and credit scoring.

Emagia Credit Management Software Highlights Include:

  • Digital mobile responsive credit applications
  • Integrated global credit bureaus reports
  • New and existing customer credit reviews
  • Credit scoring and auto decisions engine
  • Auto-order hold / release
  • Digital finance assistant for credit

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