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Advancing the Future of Data-driven Finance Operations

Emagia: Advancing the Future of Data-driven Finance Operations

Next Generation Digital Credit to Cash Management with Intelligent Automation and Advanced Analytics

Digital transformation entered the enterprise world as a massive technological wave that broke down industry barriers and spawned significant new opportunities for a multitude of businesses. Finance departments are experiencing tremendous change with the transition to a digital world. The introduction of digital payment transactions, automation, and analytics in finance has driven the role of CFOs and finance executives to strategic growth catalysts.

Emagia specializes in data-driven finance and offers the tools and solutions to turn finance departments from back-office services to the catalysts for growth and innovation. Emagia leverages data-driven process automation, primarily in order-to cash processes, and creates a platform for integrated customer-to-cash management for finance departments as well as finance shared service centers. Veena Gundavelli, Founder and CEO of the firm said, “We bring in the power of the nexus of Forces – Big data, Predictive and Cognitive analytics, Robotic Process Automation – to drive unprecedented efficiency in finance operations and provide strategic business insights especially relating to order-to-cash operations.”

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