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Video Transcript

Capital are keys to the survival of any
business Studies have shown that top
performing companies who effectively
manage their receivables are able to
free up more cash for working capital
these top performing companies today are
turning to Homage of receivables
analytics a cloud-based solution
specifically designed for finance
Executives to make informed data-driven
in today’s world of mergers and
Acquisitions shared service centers and
Global operations you now have a tool
that will allow you to have a 360 degree
view into all your order to cash
has pre-built connectors to take data
from leading Erp systems such as sap
Oracle PeopleSoft JD Edwards and other

take the first step to understand your
operational inefficiencies and customer
payment Behavior
you can now tailor your credit and
collection strategies and forecast cash
flow accurately using Emagia Predictive
business today happens in real time you
can now share and publish your
dashboards quickly and easily to all
levels of your organization

we offer a reliable and scalable
solution with minimal I.T support
imagio receivables analytics provides
Enterprise class business intelligence
dashboards visualizations analysis and
forecasting capabilities for managing
the order to cash cycle in a modern way

receivables analytics to improve your
Competitive Edge
call us today to schedule your free
demonstration for more information you
can also visit our website at

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