Jan 23, 2018 Emagia , a provider of digital finance solutions, has launched an assistance platform to help finance executives and operations teams. Gia combines AI and analytics to provide business leaders with predictive reports and automated task completion.

Gia was announced today by Emagia. The assistant is one of a growing roster of AIs aimed at enterprises in a specific industry. In Gia‘s case, it’s financial services businesses that will find the most value in its capabilities.

Gia‘s meant to act as a kind of personal assistant for finance executives. It supports chat and voice-based input and can learn to anticipate its user’s actions. By connecting to enterprise data pools, it can surface information from across the business and take action automatically. Gia can send invoices, check the company’s financial reserves, help internal teams process forms and provide conversational support to business customers.

Digital assistance is slowing gaining ground in the consumer space but it’s likely that it will evolve to be most valuable in enterprises. Gia provides an example of how this could work out.

Claims that AI will eradicate human positions are being replaced by visions of technology having an assistive and complementary role. Gia’s predictive analysis and quick completion of simple tasks show how AI could help financial executives save time and be more efficient.

“Gia is for every CFO and every finance executive leading their businesses in the digital age,” said Veena Gundavelli, Emagia Corporation Founder and CEO. “Gia will be a key partner to all finance operations staff assisting them – 24/7/365 days in the year – helping them to amplify their strategic value to their organization.”

Gia can connect with popular enterprise accounting and finance software from providers including SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Solix, Teradata and Emagia’s own solutions. This allows the assistant to analyse new transactions in real-time as they’re made, providing quick answers to common queries. The AI could be used to monitor sales as they occur or predict probable financial issues on the horizon.

Gia‘s not the only assistant vying for enterprise attention. Although the concept of workplace assistance is still new, the tech giants are already moving to get their AIs into businesses. Amazon’s established a dedicated business version of Alexa and Microsoft has suggested Cortana will gain new enterprise analytics capabilities.

However, there’s also evidence that companies increasingly want tailored AI appropriate to their business, suggesting all-encompassing assistants may lose out to more specialised alternatives. Gia’s sights are set firmly on the finance industry, a focus which gives it more analytical depth than mainstream competitors. Demoes of the assistant are now available to interested enterprises.

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